Collection: Picech

Pradis, Collio, Friuli

Pradis is a hilltop hamlet outside Cormons. Look East and Slovenia is clearly visible, the Dolomites stand to the north while the Bay of Trieste lies to the south.  Nature has gifted a rare combination of protection and moderation.  The hills were once maritime and the rock is known locally as ‘ponka’, it breaks like slate and looks like light limestone.  It is highly valued as a fantastic medium for vines, well drained and rich in minerals.  The terroir is prized and though word is out, we all haven’t quite yet got it in UK, it’s complicated.

Roberto has his own very particular philosophy; he treats the vineyard like a kitchen garden, and in the cellar he observes rather than forces the grape’s passage to wine.  His favorite wines are named after his children and mother, all are named after his father ‘il Ribel’.  There are few more individual characters than Roberto Picéch, cut him and he will bleed Collio yellow.