Bat and Bottle Wine Club FAQs

Does it cost anything to join the Wine Club?

• No, in fact you will be paying a discounted price for the wines you receive.

• There are no membership charges, only membership discounts.

What are the benefits to joining the Wine Club?

• Free Home Tasting Kit with your first case.

• Free live Wine Club home tastings.

• Option of home tasting kits available, so you do not have to open your bottles at the free Wine Club tastings.

• 10% discount on the bottle priceof all wines.

• Free (handmade-locally) Wine Club folder to store producer/wine notes that accompany each case.

• Online preview of the wines before delivery; just to put you in the mood - or you can choose to opt out of the case.

• First bite at the bin ends and other offers.

• The chance to join us on buying trips.

• Last but certainly not least, you are genuinely supporting artisans: talented, real wine makers whose passion is to make expressive, great tasting wine.

How often will the Club cases be sent?

• Conspirators and Vini Curiosity: every quarter (January, April, July, October) and Piemonte: every March and October.

Am I committed to taking the quarterly case?

• No, absolutely no commitment, you can always make your own selections

How do I pay for the wines?

• By direct debit in advance: you choose whether to pay for your case(s) monthly or quarterly.

• When you receive your case, you will have already accumulated sufficient funds in your account to pay for your wine.

You've convinced me. How do I sign up?
(and start saving my 10% immediately…)

Subscribe online:

• Once your Direct Debit is set up, your 10% discount
will be active.