Collection: Cantine di Marzo

Tufo, Campania

The di Marzo vineyards are planted with Greco, Fiano and Aglianico; for such a cosmopolitan family they always had a wonderfully focused approach.
The cellar is made up of manmade caves dug deep under Tufo, where the constant temperature is perfect. Annoyingly every piece of equipment had to be tailor-made to fit, a modernisation overseen by Ferrante di Somma, who is now in total control of the Estate after finally acquiring enough shares to wrench control from the various factions of the family.

Throughout all this, the people working within the estate remained largely unchanged, led by Giuseppe Lennaco who has spent his working life looking after the vineyards.
The one more recent change is the oenologist* Vincenzo Mercurio who has sprinkled fairy dust and lavished attention on the sleeping Princess, Greco di Tufo. helping deliver Ferrante’s first ‘Tre Bicchieri’ from the Gambero Rosso.