di Marzo. Greco di Tufo 'Ortale'

  • 1890

Greco di Tufo DOCG
Grape  Greco

These vines have pulled a thesaurus of flavours from the terroir, the heart of the wine is flint and sea salt, the flesh is ripe kiwi and apricot, nothing blowsy, this wine is cut like a second skin.

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Ortale is a very particular ‘Cru’ or ‘Monopolio’ (single, small vineyard site of note). It faces south-southwest and is at an altitude of 350 metres within the commune of San Lucia. The soils are sparse clays with broken limestone and sulphur; the neighbouring woodland makes for rich biodiversity. Ortale has the highest content of volcanic rock. In Ferrante’s opinion, Ortale is ‘the dreamer’, a wine with ethereal quality.
The vines were planted in 2008 and 2012 using a Guyot training system, unfashionably spacious 3000 vines per hectare, yielding a respectable 70hl/ha.
The grapes are harvested by hand in the middle of October, these are amongst the last of the white grapes to be picked in Italy. The crop is de-stemmed before a gentle pressing, only the free-run juice is used and fermented with selected yeasts in temperature-controlled steel tanks. The wine remains on the lees for 9 months, during this period the wine goes through a malolactic conversion. The wine is lightly filtered before bottling, it is then stored in ancient underground cellars for at least a year.

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