Collection: Pomario

Monteleone di Orvieto

Pomario is an accidental wine business, bought as a hideaway, a step on the road to retirement after decades in the hospitality business (Villa Spalletti Hotel, Rome).  Fate is cruel, Giangiacomo and Susanna fell for an isolated, dilapidated farm close to the Tuscan border, reclaimed by the forest.  Curiosity and imagination has uncovered a paradise: 3 hectares of neglected vineyard remained (registered in 1972), these contained ancient clones of Trebbiano and Sangiovese.  The quality was excellent which encouraged the planting of another 5 hectares in 4 positions: Il Ventaglio, La Selva Piana, Il Ghiro and La Radura.  All planted with recovered, indigenous vines, with the odd experimental addition. 

The farmhouse was structurally sound, and has been beautifully restored, a new underground winery under the tasting room all merge into the landscape.  The forest revealed criss-cross patterns of past olive groves and feral vines, the potential to restore and recover seems endless.  Some retirement?


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