Collection: Pomario

Monteleone di Orvieto

Whilst Pomario is a new name in the world of wine, Spalletti is not. Giangiacomo is Cesare’s (of Colognole) cousin, they have generations of winemaking in their blood.

Pomario however was not supposed to be a wine business, it was to be a hideaway, a step on the road to retirement after decades in the hospitality business (Villa Spalletti Hotel, Rome).
However, in 2004 fate delivered them a 50 hectare run down farm, mostly wooded; an isolated paradise which Giangiacomo and his wife, Susanna, fell for immediately.
The farm is close to the Tuscan border at an altitude of 500 metres. A fresh northerly wind blows through the winter and the summer climate is moderated by Trasimento lake.

There are no other prestigious wine producers in the area but the Estate contained old vines and ancient olive groves, some in remarkably good condition considering their neglect.
Further investigation revealed excellent soils: clays and loose silts broken up with small stones; the farmhouse too was found to be structurally sound.
Giangiacomo and Susanna immediately therefore set about identifying their vines and propagating from them. The old vineyard, registered in 1972 contained many vines that were considerably older. It has been beautifully restored using wood supports, and the land is worked using a biodynamic system.

In 2010 a third of a hectare was planted with Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling in order to fulfil Susanna’s ambition of making a botrytis wine.

The old farmhouse is now rebuilt, new vineyards created and a copse cleared to reveal its ancient olive grove.  In just 16 years Giangiacomo and Susanna have taken a dream and turned it into a reality. Pomario is a hidden oasis.

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