Collection: Malgiacca

Saverio Petrilli of Malgiacca wine farm in Lucca Tuscany biodynamic producer uncertified organic red wine and white wine

Saverio Petrilli

Malgiacca was born out of friendship; Saverio Petrilli, Lisandro Carmazzi, Luigi Fenoglio, Sarah Richards, Brunella Ponzo and his son Ettore, all pooled resources in 2017 to create this unique estate on iron-rich, sandy clays in the rolling hills north of Lucca. In total, they have 7ha of vineyards between 12 and 50 years old, each site is treated individually.

There is a wonderful collaborative spirit at Malgiacca; Saverio explained to me that Lucca is different to the rest of Italy, with an open-minded population, friendly, and welcoming of new ideas, I suspect this is simply Saverio’s world.

Saverio worked for over 20 years at Tenuta di Valgiano. In the 1990s, disturbed by problems with conventional farming he converted to organic; a 2001 visit from Julian Castagna (Beachcroft, Australia) introduced him to biodynamics, a holistic system that he has practiced and helped encourage many to follow.