Collection: Feudo Montoni

Cammarata, Sicilia

Rosario Sireci bought Feudo Montoni in the late 1800’s, it is now run by his grandson, Fabio Sireci, who has built admirably on the work of the last two generations.

The winery is housed in a villa built in 1469, on hills that will not have changed much from Roman times when this was known as the breadbasket of the Empire.

The wines are made alongside olive oil and Sicilian Durum wheat; the wheat is farmed using a crop rotation system.

Fabio describes Montoni as an island, a vineyard surrounded by a sea of wheat and pasture, phylloxera never arrived and successive generations have passed on their hard-earned knowledge, never being distracted by confusing fads (planting French grape varieties, for instance).

Montoni is amongst Italy’s best, and most little known estates, it may be a good idea to enjoy these, before the world catches on.