Collection: Favaro

Piverone, Piemonte
Vegan friendly wines

Favaro is a small family business, started in 1992 when Benito and Rosanna Favaro bought a 5ha farm near Lake Viverone.  They continue to work alongside their sons: Camillo and Nicola, and their daughter Elena with her husband Claudio.  Vineyards are tended by Benito and Nicola and the cellar by Camillo.  None of the family work full-time in this Cantina.  Benito has retired, Camillo is a graphic artist and writer, they share a wonderful working harmony.
The vineyards surround the cellar in Piverone, the warmest part of Caluso.  Here is where the glacier that formed the Aosta valley stopped, having carved the granite ‘Serra’ that divides the Canavese from the Alto Piemonte.  Unusually good terroir for Nebbiolo and even Syrah, although their most sought after wines are the Chiusure and Tredicimesi, both Erbaluce di Caluso.  A grand total of just 20,000 bottles are made each year, fortunately, we arrived early to the party and have an allocation.