Collection: Conte Emo Capodilista

Conte Emo Capodilista La Montecchia Colli Euganei Veneto

Selvazzano Dentro and Baone, Veneto

La Montecchia is one of Italy’s oldest family wine businesses, Giordano has a shadow covering 1000 years, a responsibility he wears lightly and takes seriously.  The Villa Emo Capodilista is a magnificent, frescoed hunting lodge, atop the last volcanic hill on the northern border of the Colli Euganei.  It is encircled by 45 hectares of vines.  Giordano lives below in Castello di Mottolo, a fortified farmhouse.  The old houses are now beautiful, simple agriturismo accommodation and the Villa itself is a very spectacular rental. 

Painstaking work has ensured that clones of historically significant varieties like Carménère, Raboso and Turka thrive alongside the Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, todays prevalent plantings.  The land is farmed to organic standards and Andrea Boaretti’s winemaking is precise and in tune with Giordano’s love of wine to be drunk, rather than tasted.

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