Bemma's Christmas

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Bemma is what our children call us.

Unbeknown to them, we are not the same person, in fact we like to think that we are different. We completely agree about these three wines though, well at least one of them!

Col Sandago. Prosecco Superiore Brut 'Vigna del Cuc'
our longstanding single-vineyard 'house' prosecco since 1995, it simply never fails to bring a smile and is dangerously quaffable when sharing with friends.

Favaro. Erbaluce di Caluso 'Le Chiusure'
a fresh and beautiful, elegant guest at the table; one that brings light but interesting conversation. This delicious dry white from Alto Piemonte complements many dishes and is a firm favourite in the Robson household.

Caves De Donnas. Valle d'Aoste Donnas
n understated, quite brilliant nebbiolo from the unnerving terraces of Donnas, the first village into Aosta from Piemonte; little-known, this is indeed a fine red wine offering superb value for such elegance.

The Bemma selection:
One bottle of each wine  (3 bottles) £55.00
Two bottles of each wine (6 bottles) £110.00
Four bottles of each wine (12 bottles) £205.00


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