Collection: Matt Gregory

Canelli, Piemonte | Oakham, Rutland
2018 marked Matt’s arrival as a genuine, bona fide winemaker.
Matt Gregory has worked on and off in the wine trade for over 25 years and like many has harboured a dream to make his own wine. In 2016 he decided to scratch that itch and worked a vintage in New Zealand with old Oddbins mate Theo Coles (who is ‘The Hermit Ram’). This was followed by a stint at Nyetimber in the summer of 2017 and a plan was definitely coming together. It is worth mentioning at this point that Matt lives in Oakham where, by morning he works with us, and by afternoon he works with his wife Abigail, they have created the excellent ‘Abigail’s Vintage Bridal(check their website), find a little time to throw a line on Rutland water and for firing up the smoker, some Airbnb a wilful dog and teenage children… finding time to dream is a challenge, actually making it happen is very impressive.
The English Winemaker is a moveable feast, Matt does not own a single vine and to create a wine needs both fruit and the facilities to make the wine. His philosophy has a comprehensible clarity and to over-simplify the objective, it is to make terroir-driven, expressive, vibrant wines that are not overly bent by the hand of man.