Collection: Rodolfo Cosimi

Podere il Poggiolo, Montalcino, Toscana 


Cecilia, Rudi and Emma Il Poggiolo Rodolfo Cosimi Brunello do Montalcino

Podere il Poggiolo is a small farm to the south of Montalcino in the heart of the oldest part of the appellation. Vineyards were first planted by Rudi’s father, Roberto in 1971 at a time when there were just 25 producers of Brunello. By the time Rudi took over in 1989 that number had doubled and now there are more than 200.

Rudi is one of the few who have lived through the rise of Montalcino and he is still relatively young. He was in his teens when his father died and he took responsibility for his family’s fortunes and the legacy of his father’s wine remains the backbone of the production. He took production from the 7000 bottles comfortably handled at the old farmhouse, to closer to 50,000.

In 2003 the farm was split when his brother returned to Montalcino and moved into the farmhouse, Rudi moved over the hill into a purpose built cellar and now makes around 30,000 bottles a year.

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