Collection: Le Marie

Barge, Piemonte

Le Marie, artisan family winery in the Pinerolese DOC in Piemonte, sister and brother Simona and Daniele

Simona and Daniele

Le Marie is a small family cellar in the Pinerolese, where Valerio and his wife Luigina work alongside their children Simona and Daniele.  Their scattered 10 hectares of vineyards are between 400 and 450 meters on red schist, rich in rare and precious minerals. The low PH of the soils and the marginal climate create an ideal stress on the vines necessary to make wines that are unlike anything else from Piemonte.

Leonardo Da Vinci wrote of the quality of Monte Viso (Pinerolese) wines, but such fame has largely evaporated and today the vineyards under Monte Viso are largely unknown.  A pity as, alongside the typical Piemonte varieties, is an ancient Moscato called ‘Malvasia Moscato’ that thrives on this terroir. 

The Raviolo family have created a very special business, following a path that needs no certifications, trusting in their terroir and their Malvasia Moscato even if the Pinerolese, as a region, is yet to award it the recognition of inclusion into the DOC.