Le Marie

Barge, Piemonte

Le Marie is a small family cellar worked by the owners Valerio Raviolo and his wife Luigina alongside their children Simona and Daniele. The land is farmed using environmentally-friendly practices and the wines respect the incredibly long history of these hills.

Today the Pinerolese is a forgotten region, this was not always the case. It was renowned in the middle ages; the wines of Monte Viso and Monte Bracco were documented for their quality by none less than Leonardo Da Vinci in 1511.
Indeed documents written in 1203 that testify to the merit and fame of this region’s wine have also been found. Then, the area was known as Eyssart and Valerio’s wine, 'Lissart', made from an ancient and unusual grape variety, Malvasia Moscato, pays homage to this.

The Raviolo's ten hectares of vineyards lie at an altitude of between 400 and 450 meters. The soils are on a red schist that is rich in rare and precious minerals. The low PH of the soils and the marginal climate cause stress to the vines and the results are remarkable: fresh and bright flavours, quite unique and unlike any other wines from the Piemonte.