Collection: Giustini

This is a family winery built on generations of hard work.  Grandfather Salvatore Papadopoli worked his way from farm worker to manging great Pugliese estates for wealthy landowners.  Together with his brother, Ciro they started to invest in vineyards and, when joined by his youngest son, Giuseppe, Giustini finally began.  In 2005 the family opened a small winery which was soon too small and in 2015 they built a new cellar that was large enough to make wines from their 40 hectares of vineyards.

Giuseppe in turn now works with his son Salvatore.  They specialise in making wines from the local grape varieties, Primitivo being the most important, interestingly there is a lovely Minutolo and some Fiano.

The vineyards are scattered, the Avoglia wines come from Uggiano Montefusco to the south of Sava, where the clays are an iron rich red / brown over limestone.