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Monte dei Roari. Rossanel Rosato Frizzante

Monte dei Roari. Rossanel Rosato Frizzante

Rosato Frizzante.
Vino biologico, sui lieviti
Grape Rossignola.

Raspberry and sour cherry, russet apple and wild honey, a brilliantly refreshing wine. There is zero residual sugar, it doesn’t need it, ‘Petnat’ at its very best. 11.5%.

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The vineyards are farmed biodynamically and the morainic soils are rich in minerals.
Rossignola is usually found playing a walk on role in the Bardolino and Valpolicella blends, this is the first example that I found made ‘in purezza’. The skins of the variety are thin and give a coppery colour, it is late ripening and after a manual harvest the bunches are crushed and a part is fermented with the skins in clay amphora (giving mineral flavours) and some in steel tank (for fresh fruit). The second fermentation is in the bottle and is restarted with a shot of Cabernet Franc must, both fermentations use indigenous yeasts, there is no remuage so the lower the bottle goes, the more cloudy it becomes. Many prefer to give it a gentle shake before serving to disturb the yeasts and release lovely salt and mineral flavours.


Sparkling Rosé - Dry

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