Monte dei Roari

A beautiful little estate nestled in the hills of Valeggio sul Mincio to the south of Lake Garda, close to the town of Custoza. It is at the southern end of the Bardolino DOC, right in the middle of the little-known, and oft misunderstood, wine region of Custoza DOC. There are not many ad-vantages to farming in a vineous backwater, but perhaps there is less pressure to conform and forging a new path is easier… and Alessia is certainly swimming against the tide in Custoza.
In 2007 Alessia and her husband Nello took over the running of the family farm. They represent the fourth generation and mark the time where the estate converted to biodynamic farming. Monte dei Roari has ten hectares of vineyard split into small plots many of which are bordered by woodland which enrich the biodiversity as well as sheltering the vines. An elevation of around two hundred metres offers some protection from the spring frosts and ensures good drainage. The hills were shaped by glacial activity which left the land stony, with mixed morain-ic soils which are low in nutrients, almost inert in fact. This means the land is really difficult to work and everything must be done by hand. There are two distinct terroirs which heavily influ-ence the production: the white, chalky soils are planted with white grape varieties and the iron-rich, red soils for red varieties.
The recognised wines of the area: Bardolino, Chiaretto and Custoza are made from indigenous grape varieties, there is also an excellent PetNat from Rosanella; a Merlot; an appassimento of Cabernet Franc and a Pinot Grigio. All these fantastic wines have a mineral character and utilise spontaneous fermentations. Sulphur is only added when the naturally occurring levels are not sufficient to keep the wine stable.