Majolini. Franciacorta Brut Saten 'Ante Omnia'

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Franciacorta DOCG
Grape Chardonnay

Harmonious, restrained, tight mineral fruit. Grapefruit with a touch of spice and white pepper. 12.5%

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Satén is a name used by Franciacorta houses to describe their own unique interpretation of their Chardonnay (and sometimes Pinot Bianco). In Majolini’s case this is an interpretation of the vineyard and as such the objective has been elegance, defined by producing a wine of good weight and freshness and bestowing it with the finest of mousse. The result is a fine and delicate wine with notes of toffee, apple and spiced fruit. The bubbles are tiny and dance on the palate, a classic Blanc de Blancs.

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