Matteo Ascheri. Nebbiolo Langhe San Giacomo 2016

Ascheri. Nebbiolo d'Alba 'San Giacomo'

  • 1650

Nebbiolo d'Alba DOC
Grape: Nebbiolo
A lithe and handsome example of Nebbiolo. 14%

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For the last 8 years Matteo has been developing a system where the Dolcetto tanks are not cleaned after fermentation has finished and the same tank is then used for making the Nebbiolo. This gives the bacteria and yeasts a head start and helps massively with malolactic fermentation.
The harvest is in the first two weeks of October and the fruit is mainly from Verduno with some from Serralunga. The fermentation is quite short (9 days) and at the higher end of the temperature spectrum, around 28Ìü; this is to open the tannins up a little, making it easier to enjoy the wine young.

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