Collection: Ascheri

Bra, Piemonte

Matteo is a bear of a man with great energy, integrity, and humour. His family have built a remarkable business and home in this old courtyard near the railway station in Bra. A small, stylish hotel above the rebuilt winery, the vaulted buildings that flank the road have been beautifully restored and now house ‘Murivecchi’ an Osteria (restaurant) run by his sister, Maria Terresa and her husband Paolo.

There is a distinct style to Matteo’s wines, they have an honest purity. Over the years that we have bought Matteo’s wine we have seen things just get better in a straightforward, understandable way. Giuliano Bedino has been the winemaker for as long as I can remember, in fact few faces have changed, it is a happy ship, and it is easy to understand why Matteo’s son once worried that there would be nothing left to achieve when he joined the business.