Collection: Villa Guelpa

Lessona, Piemonte

Villa Guelpa is Daniele and Sonia’s family home, a rambling manor house large enough to house their 4 boys and 2 girls; underneath is a recently extended cellar where the wines are both made and aged.

The Villa lies alongside the Strona, a large stream on the western edge of Lessona. It is annexed from Lessona by a hillside of woodland - once a vineyard; the project to reclaim this land is well underway. Daniele and Sonia have shown great courage in investing everything into the vineyards of the Alto Piemonte: their Lessona continues to come from a rented vineyard until their own vines have matured; their main production is Sizzano, and they make a tiny amount of Boca.

Villa Guelpa’s first wines were released in 2016, the critical acclaim that subsequent vintages have received is both remarkable and well-deserved.