Collection: Sacred

Highgate, London

There is quite a buzz in the world of Gin, but it is important to get this into perspective; the infamous ‘Gin-Crazed’ London of the 17th Century was home to over 1500 distilleries!  Despite the hype, there are still just a handful and the smallest and most quirky must be Sacred.

Sacred was the inevitable result of Ian Hart’s forays through Wall Street, the City and not watching enough television.  His home in Highgate had an almost redundant front room and he had developed an excellent pallet for Gin (and fine Bordeaux), the blindingly obvious answer was to create a micro-distillery within these criminally wasted square feet of prime Highgate residential London.

It was 2008 when Ian first put his back into this venture and got on with some serious research tracking the Spice route of the 16th Century and the botanicals essential to fine gin.  The ingredients lined up, all that remained was to find the best way to utilise them and vacuum distillation won the argument since the lower temperatures give fresher and lusher flavours.  It may have been a little safer too, I’m just guessing.

In 2018, the growth of Sacred saw a necessary move of the distillery, out of the family home, and now settled into a beautiful new distillery, bottle shop and tasting room on Highgate High Street.