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Sacred. Spiced English Red Vermouth

Sacred. Spiced English Red Vermouth

Sacred Spiced English Vermouth is a sweet, bitter "rosso" style vermouth made with English wine from Three Choirs Vineyard in Gloucestershire and 24 botanicals, including organic wormwood (which is grown especially for Sacred) and organic thyme from Somerset plus a combination of peels, barks and spices.
All of these are macerated and then distilled, with the exception of gentian and wormwood, which are simply macerated to give a gentle bitterness and “grip” on the palate, and orange peel, which in addition to bitterness and colour, has pectin to give texture and mouthfeel.

It is called Spiced English Vermouth as many of the herbs, such as savory and thyme, would be typically found in a traditional English herb garden whilst orange and clove are reminiscent of an Elizabethan pomander – which together with the English wine makes for a singularly English product!

Essentially a key ingredient for the Negroni, Alessandro Palazzi from the legendary Dukes, London has kindly provided his serve for the back label. It makes a good Manhattan or an Old-Fashioned, but over ice with Sacred Gin 50/50 it really excels, the ‘Negroni Inglese’ which also includes the Rosehip is the house treat (Casa Robson).

Moderately sweet with balancing rooty bitterness. Warmly spiced with notes of cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg and herbal complexity, lifted by zesty citrus with a long spicy bittersweet finish with red berry, wine and orange zest. 18%

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