Collection: Pianta Grossa

Donnas, Aosta

Donnas, like its neighbour Carema, has the most dramatic mountainside vineyards, first terraced by the Romans to encourage a settled population to buffer the northern borders.  This is the only region in the Aosta that specialises in Nebbiolo, locally called Picotendro.

Luciano created Pianta Grossa in 2014, his fledgling cantina is named after an enormous Chestnut tree that had grown to dwarf his farmhouse.  His tiny cellar is under the house and his wine stored in the old cow shed.  The scale is tiny, this is truly heroic winemaking, a contemporary continuation of the sharecropping history of life in the Aosta valley.  Luciano’s 5 hectares of granite-terraced vineyard are 500 years old, everything is worked by hand, with total respect for the environment, using only sustainable, natural methods.

He is an extraordinary, skilful producer making remarkable, detailed and elegant wines with great character.