Collection: InAlto

InAlto, Adolfo Cecco, (Emma and Ben Robson, Bat and Bottle) artisan, high altitude wine producer in the Abruzzo makeing wines from Montepulciano, Pecorino and Trebbiano

Adolfo, Emma, and Ben
L’Aquila, Abruzzo

InAlto is a new name in the Abruzzo, before 2015 it was called Gentile, a business that worked a different way, taking twice the grapes from the same land.  With the arrival of Adolfo de Cecco everything has changed: an immaculate new cellar constructed; a total revision of the vineyard management, adding a layer of research over historical knowledge; organic practises are now the norm. 

Adolfo (an active member of the de Cecco pasta family) travelled from Sicily to Piemonte in search of perfection and settled on Ofena, in the Abruzzo, the birthplace of Montepulciano.  Much of his 11ha is on a high plain at an altitude of 400m.  New vineyards have been planted at up to 800m on this extraordinary, fossil-rich terroir.  The huge difference between day and night temperatures make this a very special place for Pecorino and Trebbiano, and for Montepulciano, the terroir is unique.