Collection: Iandolo

Dertona and Nizza, Piemont

Francesco Iandolo

Francesco was brought up in Avelino (Campania) and moved to study in Milan, after which he endured the banking industry for just long enough to finance his dream: to make his wine. He chose Piemonte because it is magnificent, and, because Francesco is not a gazzilionaire, he bought two small Barbera vineyards within the Nizza DOCG and started with a rented Timorasso vineyard in the Colli Tortonese.
His philosophy is simple, 2 great wines: a Barbera and a Timorasso. Both true to their birthplace, as light on the environment as possible, with the intention of capturing the nuance that brings each wine to life. There is something quite Burgundian in this approach. Francesco has no winery; he rents some space in a nearby cellar whose production he highly respects. There is a clarity to his outlook that shines through his wines, which are thoughtful and made in the best way possible, I suspect this is a superstar in the making.