Collection: Gillardi

Dogliani, Piemonte

The Gillardi family have lived at Cascina Corsaletto since 1923, when Giovanni Battista returned from working in the Provence to his roots in the Langhe. The vineyards around the house were not theirs and the family lived by working the land as ‘contandini’. When the chance came to buy the vineyards surrounding their house, they took it, creating a beautiful, wonderfully isolated estate. In 1980 Giacolino and his father Giovanni went from selling grapes to bottling their own wine. In 1989, much to his father’s horror, Giacolino planted Syrah, observing that Dogliani was not so different from the northern Rhône, (the vines came from no less than Auguste Clape). In 2000 the new cellar was finished and they managed to acquire vineyard in Barolo: 0.3ha in Boiolo, 0.2ha in Vignane (40+ year old Nebbiolo) and 0.8ha in Zuncai. Their first Barolo in 2011 was an instant hit.