Collection: Le Cinciole

Luca Orsini, Le Cinciole Pinzano Toscana

Panzano in Chianti, Toscana

Le Cinciole are physically and philosophically off the beaten track. A 30 hectare farm, set high in the hills of Panzano, ancient vineyards, olive groves and forest, known through the centuries as ‘Le Terre di Quintius’ (land of Quintius) a name which Luca and Valeria have bastardised to ‘Le Cinciole’.

Luca and Valeria arrived in 1991 having left their family business in Milan, with the ambition of fulfilling their own idyll: the creation of a genuine and elemental farming project, whose products carry geographic and historical roots and are made in harmony with the environment. That sounds a little too like a personal manifesto, which implies a pretension that simply does not exist at Le Cinciole; they do have a Lamborghini, and it is an old tractor.

Le Cinciole has 10 hectares of vineyard, which have been farmed organically since the off and there has been a natural creep into biodynamic farming.