Collection: Cantina della Serra

Piverone, Piemonte

Cantina della Serra founded by Olivetti in Piverone near Ivrea Piemonte

The Cantina Sociale (co-operative) was established in 1953 by 99 growers with the financial backing of Adriano Olivetti.  Olivetti was hugely influential in and around Ivrea from 1930’s to 1960’s, it was the iconic tech firm of its time, and much of the architecture and culture established remains today. 

The cellar is on the ‘Serra’, a ridge that marks the eastern border of the Ivrea Morainic Amphitheatre, formed from the deposits left by the glacier that shaped the Aosta valley.  There are over 200 members in the cooperative today, the actual building has changed little, cement tanks remain within the 50’s cement block, supplemented by the evolving technologies and fashions of Piemonte wine-making.  The vineyards are mainly in the Serra d’Ivrea commune, where rolling alluvial hills back up to the Serra.  2/3 of the production is red wine, mostly Nebbiolo and Barbera, the remaining 1/3 is Erbaluce.