Collection: Antoniolo

 Gattinara, Piemonte

Antoniolo is a great name of Gattinara, that is now run by the 3rd generation.  Alberto and his sister, Lorella, were fortunate that their grandfather had the foresight to acquire and farm vineyards in a time when Gattinara was far from the emerging star that it is now.

Antoniolo have 14 hectares of volcanic, mineral rich land, in the crus of Osso San Grato, San Francesco and Castelle.  Alberto’s cellar is immaculate and whilst a modest, introvert man, he has total, unbending control over his domain.  He leaves the public face of Antoniolo to his sister Lorella, who is a great advocate for Northern Piemonte, and has devoted 10 years to chairing the Consorzio of Gattinara producers. 

The ethos of this estate is simple: minimum intervention.  Old vines are treated with great respect and new plantings have been made with precision and thorough care.  In the winery, spontaneous fermentation in cement tank is the norm, whilst wine ageing takes place in botti*: a practice that is perhaps best described as ‘enlightened traditional’ winemaking.