Villa Giada. Piemonte Chardonnay Cortese Mane

Villa Giada. Chardonnay 'Mane'

  • 1500

Piemonte DOC
Grapes  Chardonnay, Cortese

Creamy passion fruit and mango aromas, the tonneaux and Chardonnay are beautifully balanced, Andrea does this style so well: it has a lovely floral lift and, while the texture is veering to richness, the sensation is refreshing and pure, a touch of salt, defined peach and lemon – I am not sure this wine needs any ageing. 13%

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Mané is the name given to a small hill just below the cellar, it was planted with Chardonnay by Andrea's grandfather. The hill looks a little odd since only the part owned by the Faccio family is planted. There is also a little Cortese in the wine which perhaps freshens it a little.

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