Vicentini. Valpolicella

Vicentini. Valpolicella

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Valpolicella DOC
Grapes: Corvina (70% ) Molinara (10%) Rondinella (20%)

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This is Verona in a bottle, joyous fresh cherry fruit, hardly a jot of tannin, ridiculously versatile and fabulously enjoyable.  Simplicity is not easy and if you enjoy dry, light red wines – this is a hard one to beat. 12.5%

Agostino’s parents were from the highlands of Valpolicella and red wine flows through his veins.  No evolved, sophisticated appassimento wines, for this gent is all about absolutely pure ‘straight’ Valpolicella. 

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The grapes for Boccascaluce Valpolicella are entirely from Vicentini’s own vineyards, which lie outside of the Classico zone, mostly in the parish of Colognola ai Colli.  The soils are alluvial with mid-weight clays, largely on ancient volcanic rock.  The grape varieties are a traditional blend: Molinara, pale coloured with a haunting herb and floral character; the robust and darkly coloured Rondinella and the noble Corvina.  All are planted using a high Guyot system.  Harvest is done by hand and around 100 hl/ha of grapes are picked.  These are then sorted before a soft pressing, and fermentation is carried out without temperature-control in botti.  Ageing is in steel tanks and botti.  This wine was bottled using a very professional mobile bottling line, in the early Spring of 2019.

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