Luigi Righetti Campo Tordi Corvina Veneto dry Italian red wine

Righetti. Corvina 'Campo Tordi'

  • 1150

Veneto IGT
Grape Corvina

A slightly raucous vintage, the fruit is vibrant, vigorous, with red cherry and crunchy bramble fruit. 12.5%
10,000 bottles made.

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A step outside of the sometime constrictive Valpolicella disciplinaire: the Corvina can be taken from anywhere in the Veneto, though Righetti only buy from within Valpolicella, and in this case, unusually for Righetti, this south facing vineyard, is Guyot trained (most are Pergola) at 5000 vines per hectare. The vines are between 10 and 15 years old. The soils are glacial, littered with small stones, over limestone. This is a good way to raise the profile of this absurdly under-rated grape variety. The style is simple - ripe, hand-picked Corvina fermented and aged in temperature-controlled steel tanks.

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