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DYFI distillery. Hibernation Gin

DYFI distillery. Hibernation Gin

Dyfi is recognised by UNESCO as a World Biosphere Reserve, and provides the distillery with an enviable and unique flora spectrum to draw upon, as well as a meticulous selection the finest classic gin botanicals.  45%

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Hibernation gin is produced by the highest standard London Dry method, in extremely limited small batches, using pure grain spirit and locally drawn spring water. The foraged botanicals come from within the Biosphere: from the Snowdonia foothills, through the Dyfi Forest, and down to the estuary marshlands.

The Independent Number 1 Best Buy from their list of Top Ten New Gins, April 2017
The botanicals foraged for Hibernation Gin are influenced by the later season, and include wild crab apples, blackberries, bilberries and lingonberries (cowberries).
Combined with carefully selected classic, and other locally-foraged botanicals, and precision-distil with a combination of Dyfi's own pure spring water and grain spirit, before resting in a rare White Port cask.

"We believe this is the world's first gin to be aged in a fully-seasoned White Port barrel, and we are indebted to our friends at Niepoort Vinhos for providing this to us." Dany Cameron

Each bottle is hand signed and lot numbered, recognising extremely limited production.
Bottled at 45% volume without chill-filtration.
Hibernation Gin is an exquisite sipping gin, optionally chilled, or as a martini, and also makes a delicious negroni. Our most pleasant discovery is what an excellent Gin & Tonic it makes, but given that White Port & Tonic is such a fine combination, perhaps we should not be surprised.

The Independent's "10 Best New Gins":
No.1: Hibernation Gin, 45%, £42.95, INDY/BEST Best Buy
Brothers Danny and Pete Cameron scour the wild Welsh hillsides for the fresh botanicals that go into making their incredible gins. Plants are hand-picked from the Dyfi Valley - bog myrtle is harvested from the Dyfi Osprey project, with wild crab apples, lingonberries and gorse flowers taken from the surrounding lanes and hedgerows. This brand new addition to their range of gins has been hibernated through winter in a rare, seasoned white port barrel which imparts a mature warmth to this fruity, herbal gin. There's a reason for the snail on the label: the experimental process is a slow one which results in only one distillation per week. The emphasis here is very much on quality.


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