Bulfon Pecol Ros la Santissima

Bulfon. Pecol Ros 'la Santissima'

  • 1590

Vino Rosso
Grapes: Refosco (35%), PiculÌt Neri(35%), ForgiarÌ_n (30%)
Strawberry and damson fruit, real mouth cleaning Victoria plum and cassis with lovely balance, a nice minerality and crunchy on the finish. The Refosco in particular adds some oriental spice and pepper, lifting the ripe, supple berry fruit to a level of some grandeur without sacrificing any of the fun. 13%
The first vintage of PecÌ_l RÌ_s was released in 2007, an instant hit and Emilio Bulfon's first ever blend. It is made entirely from his local varieties: Refosco del Peduncolo Rosso, PiculÌt Neri, ForgiarÌ_n and Cjanoríe from the terraced PecÌ_ll vineyard (whose history is documented in Napoleon's land registry). The other part of the wine's name comes from the nearby church, Santissima TrinitÌÁ.

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