Emilio Bulfon Moscato Rosa Sweet Rose Wine

Bulfon. Moscato Rosa

  • 1650

Moscato Rosa Venezia Giulia IGT
Grape: Moscato Rosa
Emilio Bulfon developed his Moscato Rosa from a late harvest to a partially-dried grape wine ('appasimento'). This has intensified the flavours, it coats your taste buds in honeyed strawberry, rose and Turkish delight, an immaculate pudding wine. 14%
Moscato Rosa is said to come from Istria, the triangle of land mostly within Croatia, south of Trieste. From there, it has surfaced in the Sudtirol, Trentino and Friuli.
Moscato Rosa wines are coloured from almost red to a pale-coloured ros̩ and nearly all the wines are from sweet to very sweet.

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