Emilio Bulfon Blanc de Sanzuan Friuli Cividin

Bulfon. Cividin 'Blanc di Sanzuan'

  • 1380

Vino Bianco
Grape: Cividìn
Cividìn is a wild one and the flavours change from one vintage to another. It has a reassuring inconsistency that has remained over the sixteen years that I have been buying it. When it is good, it really is earth-shatteringly good (as in 2009).
There are also years when you wonder what happened, but it is always an enjoyable experience. Cividìn is an ancient vine from the valleys of Cividale and although today it is still found in some mixed vineyards, it rarely appears as a mono-varietal. Lovely ripe fruit on the nose, pineapple and mango, delicate herb and lime flavours. Delicious now though it will continue to develop well for at least another three years. A fine vintage for this vine. 13%

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