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Broilo. Pinot Nero

Broilo. Pinot Nero

Colli Orientali del Friuli DOC
Grape: Pinot Nero

Fresh, open and immaculate fruit: strawberry and Earl Grey on the nose.  Defined, super-ripe strawberry fruit, just a touch of peppercorn, the structure is fine, but in the gentlest embrace of mature tannin.  It is unusual for me to get excited about Italian Pinot Noir, then again, there is something special about this wine. 14%

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Pinot Noir is the Holy Grail for winemakers across the globe and a true obsession for Vanni, Massimo’s dad.  To label Pinot Noir an awkward grape is to do it a great injustice, it is obstinate and unpredictable, a diva that needs to be fully understood and have its every need catered for. 

Antico Broilo have 2 sites planted to Pinot Noir: ‘Cialla’ (meaning short steps) at over 250m is on a steep slope and most of the fruit is destined for the Riserva.  At a lower altitude of 130m, the second and main vineyard butts onto the winery where the slope is gentle and soils are a mixture of sand and clay.  Broilo’s first Pinot Noir vines were planted in 1963 and the quest to find the most suitable clones continues to this day.  They currently utilise 3 clones: 115 (structure): 777 and 112 (acidity).  The balance used in the blend changes depending on the vintage.

The grapes are picked by hand at the end of September, the bunches are sorted and de-stemmed.  Fermentation is spontaneous in steel tanks with no temperature control, just a loose lid floated over the must keeping the skins wet.  It takes up to 3 weeks to complete the fermentation after which the wine is racked off into barrique where it ages for 2 years.

Red - Medium Bodied

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