Collection: Scolaris

San Lorenzo Isontino, Friuli

Italy, Italian wine producer Scolaris, making wine in the Collio and Friuli from native and international varieties

Scolaris is an old name in the Collio, a family business now represented by fourth generation Gianmarco (portrait far right). His father was an extremely popular figure in the region and Scolaris recently tripled its bottled production under his stewardship, to almost a million bottles a year. The most important market for Scolaris is Italy, and the backbone of their production is local hero, the Ribolla Gialla grape.
This is a fascinating company which has grown incredibly fast in the last ten years, probably because the style of wines that they like to bottle is exactly what the market is currently asking for. In consequence, Scolaris is the second largest producer in Cormons (after the cooperative) with 40 hectares of their own vineyards and a further 40 hectares that have been rented on long-term leases. The top wines carry the ‘Marco Scolaris’ name, other wines are bottled under ‘Pecol’ or ‘Borgo Boschetto’ labels. We have heard that they are busy acquiring more land, undoubtably this is a firm still on the rise.