Collection: Monte Maletto

Carema, Piemonte

Monte Maletto, Carema, Piemonte.  Gianmarco Viano

Gianmarco Viano is not from a wine family, he trained as an electrical engineer and then as a sommelier. He was drawn to the kind of establishments that love artisan wine, he developed a certain taste which in turn became an itch that needed scratching, so he began his journey towards viticulture, starting in the tasting rooms of Piemonte legend, Aldo Vajra.
Gianmarco’s family is from Ivrea, a town that sits at the entrance to the Aosta valley, with two famous local wines: Carema and Erbaluce di Caluso, in the Global scheme of things, both are insignificant Carema vines balance on terraces that cling precariously to the mountainside and it is here that Gianmarco bought his first 700sqm vineyard, which he has now expanded to a full hectare, including 0.3 in Caluso.
Carema has a winemaking tradition stretching back to 23BC, the vineyards are unique: high terraces built to hold sandy soils, that have been manhandled from the valley floor. On these narrow terraces Nebbiolo is trained on pergolas to allow other crops to be grown underneath. Historically the wines were light and simple mountain wine, global warming and improved viticulture has changed this and these are amongst the most thrilling red wines on earth.
Gianmarco farms the vines organically and even rejects the use of copper. His philosophy is to interfere as little as possible, he is self-taught, intelligent, thoughtful and precise.

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