Lapo Berti

Lapo Berti is an obsessive and a purist. He holds an Italian passport and has Australian residency. For the last seventeen years he has worked through Italy, Australia, Burgundy, California and New Zealand. Born in Tuscany, he started his career at Selvapiana before moving to Piemonte where he is now, working as the full time winemaker for Enzo Boglietti.
His itinerant past includes stints with Roberto Voerzio (Barolo), Nicolas Potel and then Michel Picard in Burgundy whilst between seasons working in too many places to mention across Australia (though he considers the most influential stint being his time working with Stephen Pannell in the Mclaren Vale). So much experience in so many places, he seems to have settled now and these are the first wines to bear his name, I can’t help but think that there will be more. His ambition is to make a Nebbiolo in the simplest way possible, true to the characteristics of the grape, the vineyard and the vintage.