Collection: Lapo Berti

La Morra, Piemonte

Lapo Berti natural winemaker in La Morra Piemonte making Barolo Fassati and Le Coste

Lapo was born in Tuscany and has Australian residency.  For the last 20 years however, he has worked through Italy, Australia, Burgundy, California and New Zealand.  Starting at Selvapiana before setting off on his itinerant path; with stints at Roberto Voerzio (Barolo), Nicolas Potel, then Michel Picard (Burgundy), and numerous other stops between seasons, before settling in La Morra as Enzo Boglietti’s winemaker.

Here, Lapo has miraculously found vineyard to lease in the prized MGAs* of Fossati and Le Coste, along with lighter soils on Bricco Rocca.  The land is organically farmed with care to create a balanced, natural habitat.  Similarly, his approach to winemaking is a gentle as possible, using natural yeasts and old oak without fining or filtration.  As a winemaker, he possesses a touch of genius.