Collection: Girlan

Girlan (Cornaiano). Südtirol
Südtirol (Alto Adige). Northern Italy

The Alto Adige is breathtakingly beautiful and has the unique climate required to cultivate some of the world’s most awkward grapes, namely hot days and cool nights. Girlan was founded in 1923 by just 23 growers (co-operative members) who owned 25 hectares of vineyard between them. The growers now number 200 who farm a total of 230 hectares.

Girlan’s early fame was built on paying members more for high quality grapes. Today, the co-operative’s efforts focus on sustainability: both in the vineyards and the cellar. 2006 marked a major overhaul of both the cellar and personnel. Gerhard Kofler returned to Girlan, where he grew up, to take the job of Cellarmaster. He slashed the number of wines made and embraced their Vernatsch (Schiava).