Collection: Colognole

Rùfina, Toscana


A fine old family estate that, skilfully directed by Gabriella Spalletti and her sons, Cesare and Mari, has hardly put a foot wrong since re-creating the farm as ‘Colognole’ in 1990.

The success of Colognole is built on a quiet obsession to overcome, even to relish the challenges presented by Rùfina.
Cesare jokes that with a little more global warming, his life will be easier. It is the high altitude and sparse, washed-out topsoils that barely cover the limestone slopes of Monte Giovi, that make this terroir so unique. Extremes between day and night temperatures mean that the vines enjoy a long growing season and the measured development of the grapes preserves the subtleties of flavour; these wines are amongst the most long-lived in all of Italy.

Considerable work has gone into selecting the correct clones of Sangiovese and Chardonnay at Colognole; there are also complimentary plantings of Canaiolo, a varietal legacy of their land that has been protected and nurtured throughout the years.