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We have quietly been perfecting the art of ‘Home tasting’, honing our craft whilst presenting to corporate clients, wine clubs and importantly, our own Wine Club! I am over the moon to now be able to present our wines to every corner of the country; the 6 vial sample box is a brilliant product and zoom is proving robust and simple to use, the mould is broken and everyone now has direct access to the slightly anarchic world of Bat and Bottle. 

The vials are glass with a plastic screw top, we tried aluminium closures but found temperature fluctuations loosen the seal causing the odd leakages.  When we find a better solution we will stop using plastic lids.  Each box contains 6 x 60ml (half a bottle), they have quite a wide neck which mean they can be 'repurposed' more easily... (I have created an instagram account for ideas on what we can all do with them @RepurposedTastingBottles)

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