Grand Giro and L'Eroica

Grand Giro and L'Eroica

Finally back in Italy, we have spent what has felt like most of the last 14 days in our trusty white steed of a Toyota, cruising through Alto Piemonte, the Marche, Lazio and Umbria.  We are currently making our way through Tuscany, Ben had a day off the grand tour yesterday, when he completed l'Eroica with his brother and a good friend. They survived 135km of mountainous strade bianche on their beloved vintage bikes; Ben drawing eyes of admiration - not for his lycra, but his bright red 1950's Hetchins Curly.

In surprisingly agile form this morning, the lads are up and ready for our Montalcino visits today, Brunello being the best form of medicine for middle-aged abused bodies!

Next week will end with our return to Blighty, passing through the Langhe; we have a whole day reserved for facing the final unconquered Brexit-importing frontier: the documentation required to import 900 bottles of Wine Club beauties back in our own van...  the new pending labelling nightmare can wait until January. 

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