Roberto Zeni Nosiola Palustella Bio Organic dry white wine Trento Italy

Zeni (Roberto). Nosiola 'Palustella'

  • 1890

Nosiola Trentino DOC
Grape Nosiola

A mountain fresh dry white with mineral, hazelnut and attractive ripe herb flavours. Quite a deceptive wine, it can be used as an aperitivo but it does have real concentration and is lovely with seafood risotto or the like. 12.5%

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The vines are planted on a 2:1 slope at an altitude of 450m. Topsoils are marl, chalk and gravel, on granitic bedrock. The grapes must be picked by hand, no machine could operate on this gradient, there is only a short distance to travel to the winery. Fermentation is in temperature controlled tanks and malolactic fermentation is blocked. Most of the wine is aged in steel tanks, just 5% is aged in barrique for a short time which doesn’t affect the flavour and does add some texture, barely perceptible, but a noticeable enhancement.

Customer Tasting Notes

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