Matt Gregory The English Winemaker The Italian Field blend Barbera Gamba di Petrice Merlot Muscot Nebbiolo Cortese made at Villa Giada along Natural Winemaking principalsin the Monferrato zone of Piemonte

Matt Gregory. The Italian Field Blend

  • 1675

Matt Gregory The English Winemaker.
Vino Rosso
Grape  Barbera, Gamba di Pernice, Moscato, Nebbiolo and Dolcetto



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For Matt's second vintage, he was really keen to make a field blend using all the indigenous grapes at Villa Giada.

After a day of harvesting Barbera and Gamba di Pernice with Andrea (Villa Giada’s owner), Matt went to find and pick the rest of the grapes himself. Andrea drew him a map of which vines he could pick from and Andrea’s mum lent him the secateurs she used for her roses. He found Moscato, Nebbiolo that was randomly planted by his Grandfather at the top of one of Moscato slopes, and Dolcetto.

Back at the cellar, whole Moscato bunches were placed into a 500 litre tonneaux, topped by destemmed red grapes. Matt says: “it all just about fitted in perfectly. By the next morning it was fermenting away merrily already. The ferment was left alone, hand plunged a couple of times and left on the skins for 6 weeks. Pressed and popped into a fibreglass tank on lees for 10 months before bottling without fining or filtration but a small (20 ppm) addition of sulphur. The tannic varieties fell out with each other for a while, but they have come to an amicable understanding that is textural as well as structural.”

Serve lightly chilled.

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