Recchia. Valpolicella Superiore 'Masua di Jago'

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Valpolicella Classico Superiore DOC
Grapes: Corvina (70%) Corvinone (10%) Rondinella (15%) Molinara (5%)

Masùa is the hill that divides the valleys of Merano and Negrar, the vineyard is at an altitude of two to three hundred and fifty meters with a southern exposure. The soils are clays with a good proportion of chalk and flint on limestone. The vines have been planted using a tradi-tional double pergola system at a density of four thousand plants per hectare.
This interpretation of Valpolicella Classico Superiore is made from partially dried grapes, a technique rarely found outside the Veneto. The selected grapes are harvested a couple of weeks before the Amarone, so rather than making the wine immediately the grapes are dried on the wood trays (that will be used for Amarone) until the Amarone harvest is made. After this short period the grapes are de-stemmed and softly pressed before a temperature con-trolled fermentation in steel tanks lasting ten days. The wine is then aged in steel for two months then another twelve months in French oak. 12.5%

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