Pecol by Marco Scolaris Friuli Collio Sauvignon Blanc, an aromatic, dry Italian white wine

Pecol. Collio Sauvignon Blanc

  • 1200

Sauvignon Blanc Collio DOC
Grape  Sauvignon Blanc

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The Collio nestles along the Slovenian border, the region has a history for crafting contemporary, quirky and excellent white wines, the inspirations being home grown in the main. Sauvignon Blanc was hijacked and re-created by the Kiwis and most of the world rushed after a slice of the cats-pee pie. Not the Collio.

The Sauvignon vines are ‘R3’a local Friuli clone, some are planted using a Guyot and some using a double cappuccino training system, the density is unfashionably low – 5000 vines per hectare and the yield quite high at 85 hectolitres per hectare.
The soils are the local Ponka, a slate-like limestone, rich in minerals, a magnificent terroir.

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