Monte Maletto. Rosato 'Rosa del Maletto' field blend dry rose from Carema

Monte Maletto. Rosato 'Rosa del Maletto'

  • 1700

Vino Rosato
Grapes Nebbiolo, Neyrat, Erbaluce

2019 - Lemon, fresh limes, herb and subdued fruit on the nose. Bright, salty fruit and a lovely balance. This has a taste of the outdoors, summer meadows in a glass.

Monte Maletto producer page

Maletto is the name of the mountain that is home to Gianmarco’s vineyard. The vines are grown on traditional pergolas: stone and wood contructions that render any mechanisation impossible. These pergolas are on terraces that cut across a steep natural amphitheatre of rock at an altitude starting from 400metres.
The vines are farmed without copper or synthetic chemicals, although Gianfranco does utilise a selection of natural treatments. Everything is worked by hand, the winery is a short, and terrifying, drive down the road.
This Rosa is a blend of local grape varieties, both red and white grapes are fermented together in a single tank using a spontanious fermentation and no temperature control. The wine is bottled without being filtered, just a minimal addition of sulphites before bottling to protect the wine


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