Monte dei Roari Pinot Grigio Tre Rie 2019 Biodynamic and organic natural wine no sulphites and no filtration

Monte dei Roari. Pinot Grigio 'Le Tre Rie'

  • 1200

Garda Pinot Grigio DOC
Grape Pinot Grigio

Pear, lime and banana on the nose, bright citrus lifted by a shot of C02 that adds a whole new dimension to the wine. This was bottled without filtration so if agitated it will not be totally clear. Beautiful natural, sapid fruit, salt, apple, white flowers, bone dry.  12.5%

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Worlds apart from the dilute and convoluted charms of its commercial cousins.

The vineyards are farmed biodynamically and certified organic. The morainic soils are rich in minerals and well suited to quality Pinot Grigio, a variety that matures early here and is usually harvested in August. Grapes are picked by hand, pressed and taken off the skins for a natural spontaneous fermentation in steel tanks. Malolactic conversion is blocked to keep the freshness and the wine is bottled without the addition of Sulphur.

A small caveat, do look after these natural wines - cellar temperature consistent somewhere between 8 and 12°C is best; the low levels of sulphites makes the wine vulnerable to heat.

Customer Tasting Notes

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